About Us

Prima General Trading LLC. is a U.A.E grown brand, ranked #1 Sportswear manufacturers in Middle East, with the phenomenal growth over the last 21 years. We are the sportswear manufacturers and Established in 1997, the Prima Group of Companies is well-known on their way in Middle East and Germany. Prima Group represents a global trend in sportswear, style and the quality. We are passionate about enrichment of the product and believe everyone. Our strength is our employees, inspiring the new design methodology and the trend that drive the future of sportswear. Prima group have many international outlets spread across Germany, U.A.E &Turkey.
Prima group provides a comprehensive shopping experience for all sportswear with unique products and services, while adhering to strict quality standards. We’re specialized in high quality performance gear, a powerful brand identity that is always on the go to respond in a fast changing style of consumers choice. We test our products and fabrics on real people who play the game and live for the sport. Prima Sportswear harnesses the intelligence of the world’s most innovative fabric technologies to create gear that works, breathes and thinks like an athlete.

Our mission

Become the leading manufacturer of sportswear products, we built a strong base of art support infrastructure of IT employees and advanced training techniques, the group mission involves in growth and enhancement in the retail and wholesale division supply and provides customers with a complete and fully-integrated solution for any product requirements.

Prima products includes sports active wear for men, women, and kids, with performance and comfort equally keeping in mind so can stay focused and motivated on the court, in the gym, or out of the field. We’re passionate about sport and fitness and believe it has the power to enrich our lives. Prima Athletic wear apparel includes shoes, workout t-shirts, shorts, joggers, pants, hoodies, tracks,etc.


Our values

We visualize being a world-class organization, as ranked #1 Sportswear manufacturers in U.A.E, creating a comprehensive world of sporting goods supply, and harness the group as the leading service provider of choice for quality sports and lifestyle brands for the new generation of passionate customers across the Middle East. We’re passionate about sport and fitness and believe it has the power to enrich our lives. Sports makes our lives healthier, more connected and entertains us..